I am filmmaker of  events, weddings  in Mallorca,

  with availability to travel inside and outside Spain



Everything started at a very young age,

the desire to take the camera   was inevitable,

knowing that I could create stories through it opened a door to a new world. 

Through years of experience in weddings, events and commercials, 

 I have forged my own vision,  without fear breaking the barriers in the audiovisual field 

 uniting the diverse virtues and ideas of each field. 


 I like to bring a different and wider vision with which there are always infinite ways to narrate and reimagine a video, creating a more enriching experience of them. 


The passion to create the piece that awakens emotions, sensations ... 
... that is the magic that I seek, 
and that magic is and will be without doubt always 
my motivation. 

Daniel Mota